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Bupropion Story ~ Smoking Cessation

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I am in the midst of my second course of Bupropion SR (Bupropion hydrochloride, Zyban) with the aim of smoking cessation. I did 6 weeks of Bupropion SR several years years back. It helped me quit smoking afterward. But foolishly, I began dragging the devil’s weed again of last year. Having developed sick of it, my old pal, Bupropion SR was sought out by me. This report will try to spell out what Bupropion SR does, its total impacts on the body and head, and why (I believe) it functions perfectly as a smoking cessation treatment. Before I get to the nitty gritty, yet, it is necessary that we understand that drugs like Bupropion SR work differently for different individuals. What is Bupropion SR, more as well as other antidepressants may have horrible side effects. Do your research. You’re warned!


Timeline: Day 1. I have been smoking just like a madman -likely 2 packs a day. I have been at it for nearly annually. Prior to that I ‘d been smoke free for four to five years (following a course of Bupropion SR!). Therefore I go to see my physician. I ask for the drug. I get the script and start the ramp up dose of 1 150mg pill a day. I continue to smoke.

Day 4. On the rampup dosage. I’m beginning to feel my system for the existence of the Bupropion SR. It is undoubtedly a stimulant. I have been a bit depressed (and concerned) for recent weeks. I’m sure that I ‘ve accurate spells of the clinical information, though I Have never been identified as having depression. Anyway, I’m lively like I haven’t in some time. But I feel edgy. And my tummy is busted up. I have got what the courteous among us would call ‘loose fecal matter.’ I am taking my dose each day, once I go to bed, but I’m still feeling the effects. My dreams are completely insane. They have been fairly vivd and I am having (and remebering) tons of them each night. Somehow I’m not feeling well-rested, yet. Here’s where the smoking cessation magic starts to work. I feel as if the Bupropion SR enhances my senses of smell, taste, sound, and touch. Smokes begin to smell and taste . Later I feel compelled to scrub my hands, although I am still smoking several cigs a day. Afterward I gargle. I have got to eliminate odor and the taste! Smokes are quickly becoming repulsive… I will be nearly there.

Day 5. This morning I’ve my last smoke. I am aware when I ‘ve it, it is my last – when I understand that I can not complete smoking it, I understand it! It is too disgusting. And hereis the true trick: I do not get the nicotine buzz that I anticipate. It is gone. My best guess is that it is being, in effect, overridden by the Bupropion SR. Without any nico-buzz, I don’t have any motive to go. I stop. Yuck. I take my morning dose PLUS I take another 150mg pill through the nighttime today. That makes 300mg per day. Could it be that simple? No. This can be where things begin to get kind of shitty.

Day 7. Slumber blows. I have got super-dark circles under my eyes. I feel like shit. I wonder when this is nicotine withdrawl or the side effects of the Bupropion SR (?). There is not any way to tell as it is all occurring at the same time. I do not recall this low-stage feeling from when I formerly took Wellbutrin. Perhaps I ‘d it. Perhaps I did not. Perhaps it is because I ‘m 5 years old (at present 31) now than I was then. Or possibly it is some withdrawl symptoms from booze –I stop drinking my normal 3 or 4 drinks (most nights) when I went on the Wellbutrin since I collected that there’s an extremely real chance the mixture can cause a seizure. And, for the record, I also discontinued using cannabis (I ‘ve for ages been an occasional user) when I began the Wellbutrin. Irrespective of what it’s that is working on me, I feel a bit freaked out.

Day 8. No slumber that is great. More feeling like shit. But I do not even think about cigs. It is so far that it is like I never smoked. Scents are extra-pictorial. Same for flavor, touch, and noise. My sex drive is truly UP! Music that I haven’t listened to for a while seems extremely great: my old copy of Exile on Main Street is getting significant play. No real apetite. And more loose fecal matter! I decide to cut back my dosage to 150mg to get a few days, because I’m really focused on my sleeplessness. In addition , I procure 5 2mg pills of Klonopin. I begin to take 1/2 of one at couple of hours before a night, bed.

Day 10. Have been for previous couple of days on 150mg daily dose. No cigs. 1mg Klonopin at night. I have been getting some sleep for the previous couple of nights and that I feel better. However , I overlook the ‘Incredible Hulk’ (thanks for appropriate description, other poster!) Believing that I ‘d back around 5 and days 4. Therefore I go back up to 300mg. Now I determine that the best method to do this is to take the second pill at about 6pm. That gives me a while for this to work my system. FYI: that I get up at about 7 and I go to sleep around midnight.

Day 11. Quit the 1mg nightly Klonopin. Slept OK. A number of the energy that is amped up has come back, but its not like this day 5 rush! I am doing plenty of foot tapping. And, obviously, NO CIGS! Fine.

Day 16. Apetite. Energy levels are great. Such as the Wellbutrin might be working on my melancholy about at the same time as it’s my nicotine addiction, I feel! Sensory consciousness that is increased present. Flavor and maybe odor may be caused by the truth that I am not smoked out. Food tastes great. Slumber is slightly light for my taste… I am not feeling well rested. Therefore I get some Ambien. Nightly I’m decided not to use it. Perhaps 1 in 3. We are going to see.

Day 21. [ THIS IS WRITTEN] Sleep is great. Not overusing the Ambien. Feel somewhat hyper, perhaps somewhat jittery. But it is not overly awful. I am still off the weed as well as the booze, also. I find it to be really productive and also quite simple to work. I’ll take this drug. I believe 5 weeks will undoubtedly be enough to make sure that my nicotine addiction is gone AND that my mental dependence to the action of smoking has slipped away. I understand that both have become strong, powers that are separate.

HINDSIGHT: Bupropion SR might not work like this for everybody, but it’s helped me quit the nicotine habit. (I ‘m determined not slip up again and return to tobacco use. It only hurts my body too much and just isn’t satisfying when the dependency actually takes over.) A couple of my buddies have really tried to stop smoking using Bupropion SR, however since it made them feel way too poor they needed to discontinue the drug. Wellbutrin just isn’t a straightforward drug to take, particularly in the very first few weeks. By really carefully observing my doses exclusively and by adding in certain sleepaids was I able to do it this time.

Eventually, I would like to mention that, as a recreational psychonaut and material experiment enthusiast, Wellbutrin (in its many forms: SR, XL, IR) is no great for getting any bangs. I would suggest you look someplace else in the event you simply desire to play.

And best of luck to you personally should you be wanting to give up smoking.

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